Startups, be scrappy

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2 min readMar 22, 2023
Credit: Brand&People

Early stage startups, your product execution speed is everything.

But how can you go fast with so few resources?

One solution: being scrappy.

Product teams, you don’t have time to do all the things you should.
No time to run a great discovery, or to organize feedback.
No time to give design feedback or collect feedback post-launch.

In pre Product/Market Fit this is even worse.

Startups can solve that by switching their mindset.
From perfection to scrappy.

This shift is what happens to first-time sales.
As humans, we’re told not to waste things.
First-time sales stop that.
They reject that mindset of perfection.
And embrace a mindset of plenty.

If a deal is stalling, if it turns out an account is not a perfect fit, and so on, great, fine, they close it out. On to the next.
They’ll get them the next time around.

Product managers, you should also reject perfection.
Instead embrace scrappy.

Scrappy means you’re trying to achieve things with as little resources as possible. As fast as possible.

It means putting preconception of how to do things aside.
And instead seek for quick & elegant solutions to learn things fast.

Being scrappy doesn’t you half-ass things. Or being sloppy.
It means doing things really, but cropped down.

Here are good examples of being scrappy:

❌ Perfection: building a prototype in Figma
👍 Scrappy: draw prototype in a flipbook

A delivery animation my team drew when I worked for an eCommerce

❌ Perfection: set up a user enrichment tool
👍 Scrappy: go on Linkedin & copy information

❌ Perfection: Integrate Stripe
👍 Scrappy: Send an invoice

❌ Perfection: Build a roadmap
👍 Scrappy: List priorities in bullet points

Product teams, being scrappy is your cheat code.
It will help you save hours and progress through your topics at light speed.

Over time your execution will compound.
It gives you a competitive edge.

Hope this helps 💜



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